What is High Five Reloaded?

A collaboration between 5 universities


Umeå University


National Pirogov Memorial Medical University


V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University


Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy National University


Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University


Umeå University

The main areas for internationalization capacity building is:
- Documentation and recognition in connection to courses taken by exchange students 
- Documentation and management of international research grants at partner institutions 
- Communication between International Offices and Departments/Faculties within each partner institution and with other partner institutions 

- Contact with the tertiary target group for internationalization (e g companies) for research and joint training/employment of young professionals

The purpose

of the HIGH FIVE RELOADED is to develop a cooperation system between our universities that would facilitate joint work and save valuable time that we need for conducting ground-breaking research and for effective training of young professionals through exciting teaching programs. Internationalization is a necessary approach to be able to carry out international research and education on the highest level, the activities that make universities the motors for the progress of the societies and civilization.

Plans for the future

Continued collaboration between partner universities focused on biomedicine

Foster internationalization at partner universities

Additional collaborations to widen network

Plan to EU Grant

Guide to international collaboration to facilitate and support international contacts

Winter school hosted by Umeå University with online lectures and in-person teaching


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