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International Office Umeå University 

Central and strategic support unit that coordinates the university’s work with internationalisation


Umeå University International Office is a central support unit that offers strategic advice for anyone working with internationalisation at Umeå university.

Every day works towards making it possible for the university’s staff to fulfil Umeå University’s goals for internationalisation.

Coordinates the university’s internationalisation processes and create possibilites for international relationships and exchanges.

The partnership of the five universities (High Five) has existed for some years and all partners had a opportunity and time to learn the strong and weak sides of each other. We have done joint meetings (live and online), research, education and administrative cooperation. We have accumulated valuable, real-life experience that allows us to understand how to improve our joint work. At the same time, substantial changes are coming at all of partner organizations with respect to internationalization of research and education:

Umeå University is preparing a new Internationalization Strategy with a novel approach that the internationalization initiative should be driven at the level of departments supported by the International Office.

International Office Umeå University carrying out the following tasks: 

Programs, networks and cooperation

We coordinate international cooperation which creates exchange opportunities for students, teachers, staff and researchers.

Student exchange and scholarships

We help students who wants to study abroad in an exchange program and administer applications for scholarships.

Exchanges for teachers and staff

We support teachers and staff who wants to participate in an exchange abroad.

Buddy Programme

We create relationships between international students and native students.

International student recruitment and alumni relations

We aim to recruit qualified international students who will become our ambassadors.

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