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Afonin Virtual Lab

Odessa National University (ONU) take a lead in the development of the online teaching/communication tools virtual laboratory

Training Virtual Laboratory

The purpose of this project is to create a virtual gaming platform in the form of a virtual educational scientific laboratory of molecular biology.


The created laboratory will become a multiplayer simulation of a polymerase chain reaction for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus RNA fragments. At the same time,
connected users will have the opportunity to virtually master the skills of conducting PCR, under the control of the virtual room moderator, receive appropriate instructions and points for the work performed.


Development Tools

The creation of a virtual laboratory is carried out using the Unity3D development environment. To create models and equip the laboratory, 3D modeling software - Blender is used.

Virtual Laboratory Powered by


During covid-19 pandemic all partner universities has engaged in the online education and communication. Representatives from High Five partnership has joined to the Summer School organize online by ONU (summer 2020).

Currently designed

A 3D laboratory with basic tools has been created and furnished as part of a working scientific laboratory with the possibility of simultaneously finding a large number of users. To give it the original look, the basic overlay of the models textures and their adjustment in the program environment were carried out. A block of scripts and plug-ins has been adapted and partially configured in the laboratory, allowing you to work using the Photon virtual server. To perform the PCR reaction, texture models were developed and applied: an amplifier, a set of reagents for the PCR reaction, a set of pipettes and a stand with Eppendorf tubes, tips. A laboratory user action script was written and its intermediate graphic components were created. Part of the codes has been written to ensure the interaction of the components and their performance within the framework of the script.

Prospective development

In the future, it is planned to refine the visual content with its functional
expansion. Also adding more methods and tests. A moderator-teacher control system creation. Optimization of the demo version for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

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