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What we do?

Internationalization is a necessary approach to be able to carry out international research and education on the highest level, the activities that make universities the motors for the progress of the societies and civilization.

Academic activity

A “good to know and good to have” list for initiation of the international academic activity


Analysis of existing successful internationalization approaches at UmU/partner universities and their optimization to fit current cooperation between Sweden, Ukraine and Moldova.


Pilot joint (interinstitutional/international) course proposal where online teaching and face to face teaching will be combined

Student & staff exchange

Developing algorithms for student and staff exchange within different funding opportunities and interinstitutional agreements.

EU funding/Erasmus

Applications for EU funding opportunities to support further development of international cooperation on the level of administration teaching and research

Online multiplayer lab

Develop the tools for virtual laboratory and communication.


Our project specifically address contacts between administration, research and education in the context of the international work and exchange of staff and students. Such exchanges can support strong research and education at all partner universities.

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