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"Erasmus+" Mobility Studies Students Feedback


Valeria Zymovets

It is very beautiful in Umeå in winter because it is very snowy in the city

I really enjoyed studying in Umeå and being part of a modern research project. This exchange program gave me the opportunity to work with advanced equipment and modern research methods. I consider this experience very valuable not only for professional but also for personal growth.


A dynamic and open culture makes for high quality in education and research. 

Oksana Ohrimovich

The city of Umeå is located in the north of Sweden, so you can see the Northern Lights there.

I really enjoyed my studies at Umeo University, the lectures and laboratory classes were very interesting. It was a very helpful experience for me to get to know another educational system and training organization. It was interesting to meet and communicate with representatives of different countries, from China to the United States.


Dmytro Sokol

The clean air and bright skies of northern Sweden are enchanting with their beauty, which also allows you to rest after an evening of lab work.

I am pleased to conduct my research at the Swedish University where the 2020 Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry conducted her experiments.

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